Eric Lourenço

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Eric Lourenço

I started playing shows around London Ontario at age 12 with my Garage-Psych band Say Domino at notable London institutions Call The Office, The Embassy, The APK.

When I was 15 I went on my first small tour to Quebec City with London Post-Punk band A Horse and His Boy and got my first taste of life on the road and fell in love. Throughout high school I played in many local bands such a The Whipping Wind and I Smell Blood in and around Southwestern Ontario and Quebec. Once I turned 18 I embarked on my first tour out to the Maritimes with Guelph psych rockers WHOOP-Szo, SInce then I have been a main player in composing and arranging music with WHOOP-Szo and taken over duties as full time drummer. We have now been to The west coast of Canada over 5 times and out of the maritimes, all over Ontario multiple times over along with a 3 week tour of Central Mexico which became a very formative experience in my personal life and musical life. In between touring I have recorded as a studio drummer with some acts such as Innes Wilson and Jon Mckiel. I hope to work toward expanding my mind, and horizons as a drummer, I am going to keep on working hard to become a name in the Canadian musical lexicon.